Idealog's Guide to Wellington

Behold! A panoply of impressive, potentially myth-shattering information about our rich, smart, highly caffeinated, well-fed, fit, tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious, entertained, happy capital. 

Idealog's Guide to Wellington

It takes a generous soul to run a business where profit is not the main goal. Having a thriving social enterprise sector, it seems many of those souls are congregating in Wellington.


In the US, the tech sector is continuing to concentrate a few prospering metropolitan areas while the rest of the country drifts into joblessness. The same is true of New Zealand, with its struggling, small town regions, says Open Polytechnic associate professor of communication Gary Mersham.

Through the looking glass

Behavioural economics and other disciplines in the cognitive sciences have given us a framework to understand people’s behaviour and decision-making – and consequently a way of looking at how we can change behaviour, says TRA's Colleen Ryan.