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MyHR: Kiwi company takes HR to the cloud

The world of human resources (HR) can be a tricky one. With a single employee equalling reams of paperwork, even small businesses can find themselves floundering in the complexity of it all. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easier way?

Enter MyHR.

Founded by Jason Ennor and Sean O’Brien, MyHR creates an HR department in the cloud that can cover the full life cycle of each individual employee, from recruitment to performance reviews and exit. Companies that use the service have access to software that streamlines the HR process, as well as a support team that can assist with virtually any situation that arises.

“MyHR is unique,” says O’Brien. “Our innovative software connects you to one of the most experienced HR teams in Australasia who deal with your day-to-day issues, write bespoke HR documents for your business and help manage issues as they arise. This output syncs cohesively with automated services and software functionality such as Smart Notes, performance reviews, job descriptions and document e-signing, delivering a complete and comprehensive HR system for a fraction of the cost a consultant would charge or even a part-time administrator.”

According to O’Brien, MyHR is currently used by more than 300 companies, the largest of which boasts 106 employees and the smallest just two. To use MyHR, companies pay a monthly subscription fee that corresponds to how many employees they have, as well as a one-time implementation fee. There are no additional charges for things such as inactive employees or enhanced features.

In running MyHR, O’Brien has been able to utilise his experience as founder and director of Amplifier – a successful end-to-end design agency working across many blue chip NZ brands – while Ennor has been able to apply more than 15 years of HR experience with senior management teams for some of Australasia’s biggest businesses.

With plans to launch in Australia in early 2016, O’Brien feels MyHR is filling a void in cloud-based business management.

“There are many [advantages]. A key one being having a centralised organisation structure for your business with the ability to departmentalise and control access from anywhere. Achieving legal compliance and implementing robust processes at a fraction of the cost for a traditional consultative resource is another.”

Another advantage, says O’Brien, is that storing information in the cloud provides an extra “insurance policy” in case of undesirable legal situations such as a potential lawsuit.

A variety of updates to MyHR have recently been implemented, and more are in the works. 

“We have just spent the last year rebuilding the software in Node.js and released the first update in late March,” explains O’Brien. “This update features employee self-service, cloud based Performance Reviews and Smart Notes which drive greater accuracy and more streamlined processes. Updates in the pipeline this year are Leave Management, Payroll API, Reports and an Enterprise offer for larger organisations.”

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