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How the future of HR is all about experiences

If businesses want to attract and retain the best talent, including millennials who are looking for modern organisations to work for, Humankind insists that those businesses need to think about the employee experience.

“We believe HR will shift even further away from its risk, compliance, and process roots, towards being about experiences,” managing director Samantha Gadd says. “Employee experience drives customer experience. Therefore, focusing on your employees drives better business results.

“For organisations to attract and retain the best people, every aspect of the employee experience must be deliberately designed and executed with care. From the moment prospective employees learn about your brand, to what it feels like to work in your organisation,” explains Gadd. “Focusing on employee experiences is more important than ever because the war for talent is real. HR is changing and so are we.”

Formerly known as HR Shop, Humankind is a company looking to create tailored solutions for managing people. They recognise that adaptation is key to surviving disruption, and that in order for companies to thrive in today’s work environment, they need to be able to build great cultures with a remote workforce using tools such as social technology and Cloud based software.

As a finalist in the last year’s Wellington Gold Awards, this year’s Westpac Auckland Business Awards and the AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support awards, success is something Humankind is used to. With eyes on how leadership is changing and on new models for organizing and structuring businesses, one could argue that Humankind has responded well to changes from within the industry. In just four years, Humankind has already landed itself in the Deloitte Fast 50, but it’s certainly not planning to rest on its laurels.

If companies are able to adapt to an ever-changing work environment, then they won’t just survive, but thrive in their respective industries. This, Gadd says, is where Humankind can help the most. “New Zealand businesses need more from HR. We want to work with organisations who agree workplaces of the future can provide more to both employers and employees.”

To see if HumanKind can help you build a better workplace, visit www.humankind.nz or call 0508 477467.
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