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Kiwi powerhouse businesses Mighty Ape and One NZ team up

Local Kiwi e-commerce brand Mighty Ape is expanding its range to now offer mobile plans alongside New Zealand’s largest telecommunications company, One NZ.

Mighty Ape today launched its own prepay provider, Mighty Mobile, which focuses on data driven mobile plans for Kiwis.

Making use of One NZ’s network, Mighty Mobile will be the first to offer consumers with “unlimited max speed data” that is already seen in markets such as the US and Asia.

This will be the first plan introduced in the Australasia region.

Unlike other competing plans, Mighty Mobile focuses on unlimited data that fights against the “endless data” concept where the speed of the internet falls at a certain number.

“More than ever, Kiwis are looking for better ways to stay connected,” says Gracie MacKinlay, CEO of Mighty Ape and Mighty Mobile.

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“Now we’re extending our commitment by launching into the telco market with Mighty Mobile, providing an unbeatable prepaid mobile experience as well as a competitive edge to what’s already on offer in the market.”

With a database of over 500,000 Kiwis, Mighty Mobile hopes to tap into this demographic before continuing across New Zealand.

When asked why One NZ does not offer this type of plan through its own name, Jason Paris, One NZ CEO says “we can’t do everything”.

“We are confident this is complimentary to One New Zealand, if customers go from us to Mighty Mobile, or they come from Mighty Mobile to us, this is just the reality of our market and we are comfortable with that,” he says.

“We’re delighted to partner with Mighty Ape, to offer Kiwi customers even more choice, connecting them through our award-winning network. It all adds up to a more awesome Aotearoa.”

Mighty Mobile will be available to Kiwis from August 30.

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