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Spark Lab takes its business advice for a spin with Carpool Coaching

The campaign shows two business owners, Rick Toner and Michelle Sokolich, join Spark Lab ambassadors, Sir Ray Avery, Dr Michelle Dickinson (aka Nano Girl) and Wendy Thompson (Socialites CEO and founder) to hear their wisdom and business advice on moving their businesses to the next level—all while driving around in a Spark electric powered car .

Toner and Sokolich won the chance to talk through their problems with the business brains behind Spark Lab through a Facebook competition. 79 people entered by commenting or vlogging their problems.

Toner was selected to receive feedback on his mobile app designed for large businesses that employ casual staff, and Sokolich was chosen to get an edge as a content creator.

Spark’s head of business customer and marketing, Richard Sandford, says it wanted to bring the coaching aspect of Spark Lab to life.

“Spark Lab gives businesses the chance to learn from business people who have real world experiences and ‘Carpool Coaching’ gave us the ability to solve common problems using our experts in a fun and engaging way.”

It’s not the first time local business minds have taken to the driver’s seat after Uber turned its vehicles into a Dragons’ Den of sorts last year. It gave the business thinkers of Auckland a chance to pitch their business ideas to a panel of leaders and investors who were looking for their next opportunity.

This story first appeared at StopPress.
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