Jargon watch: Resistentialism and more

Jargon watch: Resistentialism and more


Virgin mojito. OK, it’s not really jargon as such, but it’s a choice term to drop into a drinks order.

Selfie + consonant

Now more versatile than ever! Think ‘Belfie’ (selfie whilst eating breakfast), ‘Welfie’ (workout selfie), ‘Drelfie’ (drunk selfie) 

Bonus word

Resistentialism, a jocular semi-spoof term coined to describe seemingly spiteful behaviour manifested by inanimate objects, for example, car keys that refuse to be found, or the cup you kept dropping that had a mind of its own. (Could, in some instances, be related to gaslighting.)

A blend of Latin res (‘thing’), French resister (‘to resist’) and a play on Jean-Paul Sartre’s philosophy of existentialism, the movement’s slogan is ‘Les choses son contre nous’ (‘the things are against us’).

In common usage: “That Shona Grundy from Trigger Happy seems to have overcome all resistentialism of her surrounding computer systems to produce that Toon Hero app and we’re all a bit jealous, to tell the truth."

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