The “punniest” business names revealed

Every shop’s goal is to be memorable to their customers, and there’s arguably no better way to be unforgettable than a pun. A new contest in Britain is honouring the business with the best pun in their name. With contenders like ‘Frying Nemo’ fish and chips and ‘Samuel L Jackson’ driving school, competition is fierce. Here are a few examples of the clever British companies, with some Kiwi examples thrown in for good measure.

It’s about time the “Back to the Fuschia” florists of the world got recognised for their creativity.

The name alone inspires a chuckle in most, and if not that, then at least a spark of interest.

However, giving your businesses name a humorous double meaning isn’t just all pun and games.

Brand research by Nectar Business has found people are more likely to talk about a business name if it’s funny.

The survey interviewed 2000 people and found nearly half (44 percent) would strike up a conversation about a pun business name.

Only 19 percent would discuss an ordinary business name.

Out of the examples given, the majority of those surveyed favoured fish and chip shop “The Codfather” as the best business name pun.

Here are some of the competitors in the running below.

Here are a few Kiwi businesses:


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