Fear and loathing at the bus stop

Fear and loathing at the bus stop
When advertisers and TV people commandeer bus stops, the results are often very entertaining.

Pepsi Max recently revamped a London bus stop to give a collection of unsuspecting commuters an entertaining, albeit slightly frightening, wait for the bus.

By hooking up one side of the bus shelter with a large screen, the creatives at AMV BBDO were able to make it appear as if tigers were walking along the streets of London, alien abductions simply occurred in broad daylight and balloons were an accepted form of transportation.    

This combination of fear and bus stops is by no means novel. In November last year, SBT Broadcast Television in Brazil launched a bus stop-based campaign to promote the release of Curse of Chucky. The resultant montage of footage illustrates that most people wouldn't act all that reasonably if they found themselves in a horror film.     

But bus stops aren't only about frightening people. In the last episode of the Cadbury Dream Factory, the producers of the show gave Christchurch commuters an unexpected surprise by decorating three different bus stops. Host Brooke Howard Smith explained that they wanted to make "bus stays" that would make the time spent waiting for transport a little less annoying. 


In New York City, TBWA took a similar approach when its creative team commandeered a bus stop for an Absolut Lemon Drop promotion. 

While the previous options were quirky, entertaining or downright frightening, none offered a solution to the annoyance of waiting for bus. Fortunately, Qualcomm stepped in by offering commuters some alternative modes of transport.  

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