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Are you ever too young to become an entrepreneur?

This week the BBC featured four entrepreneurial youngsters from around the world, the youngest of whom went into business while still in the single digits.

New Yorker Leanna Archer began selling home-made hair products at age of eight and today her company grosses over half a million dollars a year. 

Also profiled are Anshul Samar, who created an educational chemistry card game; Ludwick Marishane, who created a gel to replace soap and water; and social entrepreneur Ilwad Elman, who worked with her mother to set up Sister Somalia, providing counselling, medical services, education and business starter kits to women who have survived sexual violence.

The mind boggles.

Of course, here on Idealog we’ve featured numerous youth who’ve started their own businesses while still in school. Here are just a few:

Ayla Hutchinson

ayla hutchinson kindling cracker idealog

14-year-old Ayla Hutchinson launched the Kindling Cracker at Fieldays – a safer axe for anyone who chops wood on the regular – and later went on to win Most Inspiring Individual at the annual Innovators Awards.

Sebastian Hallum Clarke

sebastian hallum clarke idealog

 15-year-old Sebastian Hallum Clarke jumped into the world of coding at the age of nine and now runs a successful app development business.

Indy Griffiths

indy griffiths idealog

18-year-old Indy Griffiths is the brains behind parentinterviews.co.nz, a new website designed to simplify the parent-teacher interview process and a finalist in Webstock Startup Alley.

Andre Schellenberg

andre schellenberg young student entrepreneur of the year idealog

19-year-old Andre Schellenberg, who started his own business at 12 building and fixing computers and now runs a gym apparel brand, was named Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

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