Idealog Urban

In balance with nature

Director of Second Nature Landscapes Chris Ballantyne is driven by a passion to create liveable and meaningful gardens, and says they are of the upmost importance now urban spaces are becoming densely packed together in New Zealand. Here, he discusses his holistic approach to his work.

Sustainable cities

Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock, have just returned from a long, strange trip in the Messier 81 galaxy and/or have somehow freed yourself after being press-ganged into the service of the Dark Fleet, you’re undoubtedly aware electric vehicles are hot topics – including in Aotearoa. But electric rubbish compactors? They’re now on the road in Auckland. So, what comes next?

Design for a better world

If you’re around Auckland's Wynyard Quarter, you might notice a bit of an art project going on next to Te Wero Bridge. Xero's Craig Hudson shares what it's all about - and how every company can be sustainable.