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Geoscience solution company wins Hi-Tech Company of the Year

Geoscience solutions company Seequent, creators of environmentally conscious solutions for the industry, has won Company of the Year at the PwC Hi-Tech awards.

Seequent’s software is used in over 120 countries to make better options for the earth, environment and energy challenges. These include developing vital mineral resources, sourcing groundwater and renewable energy, and designing and delivering resilient infrastructure – all while lowering the impact on the planet.

International judges for the 2022 Hi-Tech Company of the Year praised Seequent for their work in developing and distributing technology to over 100 countries.

Seequent’s products offer advanced geoscience analysis and modelling to give their clients a deeper understanding of the earth and “to promote economically and environmentally sound decision making”.

“The company’s reputation, growth, advanced technology and continued global performance set it apart among the many excellent companies vying for this award,” the international judges say.

“Seequent is an outstanding Kiwi success story.”

Graham Grant, CEO of Seequent says that the team has worked with “remarkable skill, focus and passion” to make the company a global subsurface software success story.

“Ten years ago, we first entered the NZ Hi-Tech Awards in the export category with a big vision. With a relentless focus on innovation, growth and being the best we can – we’re now thrilled to be named the NZ Hi-Tech Company of the Year after previous recognition as a finalist,” he says.

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“While we’ve been on a high-speed growth journey for a long time, carving a name for New Zealand in the subsurface software sector – the past year has been transformational and will go down as a milestone year.”

Over the past few years, Seequent has achieved rapid growth on a global level, having acquired four businesses, growing their innovative solutions portfolio and expanding their team.

“In 2021, we also opened a new chapter in our growth story with our acquisition by Nasdaq-listed infrastructure engineering software company Bentley Systems,” he says.

“Together we are helping build a more resilient future by connecting the built world above ground with the hidden world below it.”

Other big winners at the Hi-Tech awards include Alimetry, winning the Most Innovative Deep Solution, Most Innovative Hi-Tech Hardware Product and Most Innovative Hi-Tech Creative Technology Solution for their clinical technology to help those with gastric disorders.

David Downs, chair of the Hi-Tech Trust says that the technology industry has hit so many highs in the past year despite the many challenges faced post-pandemic.

“Clearly, it’s still been a challenge for some of our tech companies to physically get in front of their customers, but this hasn’t stopped them from continuing to innovate and compete successfully on the global stage,” says Downs.

However, with the winners and finalists at the Hi-Tech awards, Downs says there has been a clear theme within the New Zealand tech industry.

“The other key theme that comes through again from the finalists and winners is that New Zealand makes technology with purpose – caring for people, and the planet. Seequent and Alimetry are excellent examples of this – helping create a better tomorrow through technology.”

Other winners at the Hi-Tech Awards include:

Xero Hi-Tech Young Achiever

Winner: Jamie Beaton

Highly Commended: Imche Fourie

Visa Best Hi-Tech Solution for the Public Good

Winner: GNS Science & NIWA

Highly Commended: Kara Technologies

IBM Most Inspiring Individual

Winner: Brooke Roberts

Tataki Auckland Unlimited Most Innovative Hi-Tech Creative Technology Solution

Winner: Alimetry

Highly Commended: Writer’s Toolbox

Callaghan Innovation Hi-Tech Maori Company of the Year

Winner: Agrisea

Duncan Cotterill Most Innovative Hi-Tech Software Solution

Winner: Auror

Endace Most Innovative Hi-Tech Hardware Product

Winner: Alimetry

Highly Commended: StretchSense

Kiwibank Most Innovative Hi-Tech Service

Winner: FirstAML

Highly Commended: Hnry

NZTE Most Innovative Hi-Tech Agritech Solution

Winner: M2X

Halo Consulting Best Contribution to the NZ Tech Sector

Winner: Summer of Tech

Punakaiki Fund Hi-Tech Start-up Company of the Year

Winner: Seen Safety

Pacific Edge Hi-Tech Emerging Company of the Year

Winner: UBCO

Highly Commended: Auror

Soul Machines Most Innovative Deep Tech Solution

Winner: Alimetry

Tait Communications Flying Kiwi Award

Recipient: Ian McCrae

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