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Techweek returns for 2023

The largest festival in NZ celebrating technology and innovation, Techweek is returning for 2023 and is celebrating its 11th anniversary.

Celebrating the growing tech industry across New Zealand from May 13 to 20, Techweek works to help businesses become more digital and encourage digital pathways.

The festival is also planning to mix live, virtual and hybrid events via TechweekTV to celebrate the theme ‘creating tech for a better tomorrow’.

“We are already seeing technology being used to make tomorrow better than today, especially in the climate and sustainability space. We want to inspire more Kiwis to dream about what tech could mean for our future,” says Graeme Muller, CEO of NZTech.

He adds that this year will reflect the tech industry’s responsibility to create a world that future generations will thrive in.

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This year, the 2023 Techweek is highlighting opportunities in the sector available for underrepresented groups like Māori, Pasifika, women and neurodiverse communities.

Diversity in the tech sector is critical if we want tech products and solutions to cater for all New Zealanders. Diversity also leads to new thinking and ideas, which is vital for innovation in the sector,” says Muller.

“We need to challenge assumptions about what a ‘tech career’ looks like. It is now so baked in across industries that almost anyone can find a tech role that fits their interests and, hopefully, makes the world better in some way.”

With more than 300 events nationwide and over 60 of them being held live via TechweekTV, the festival is set on bringing together game-changers, leaders and those interested in tech to share how they will support New Zealand go forward in the world of technology.

“There is an event for everyone. From those already in the industry and those considering tech career pathways to Kiwis looking to embrace tech within their existing businesses,” adds Muller.  

For those interested, check out the programme and register for Techweek events here.

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