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The London Eye: Inside the next generation of make-up

Jenene Crossan is the founder of Flossie, a business that helps to create smarter tools for retailing hair and beauty services. She’s also a Kiwi abroad and her series, The London Eye, details her experience of expanding her business and basing herself in London to launch into this new market. In this column, she looks at the future of make up.

I’ve just arrived back into London from my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, where it’s mid-summer and the humidity has firmly reminded me that I am no longer a spring chicken. Pass me the face spritz, puh-lease. It’s days like these that my make-up simply slides into the creases of my face and then down my top.

But no more! Come 2021 I’ll be able to utilise L’Oréal’s incredibly techy and innovative new step into the next-gen of make-up; daily personalised home-created make-up, via Perso.

This AI-Powered device will mix up your make-up as you need it, based on daily personal and external factors. These could include the humidity, the current condition of your skin (visible pores, dryness, oily patches) and even environmental factors (such as pollution and clean air ratings).

And it doesn’t stop there. Ever found yourself with a drawer full of half used lipsticks, because once again you’ve acquired a short-term use colour to go with a garment you’re now not into? I understand, I’ve been guilty of this on many an occasion.

But no more! Perso also enables you to use your mobile phone to select the shade you want and BAM it’s whipped up for you on the spot. One-time use, but no wastage.

The cartridges that power Perso have a motorized component and offer a colour preview via augmented reality tool that can be shared on social media. Wow, it looks like cosmetics just took a major step forward into the future!

Like any new-gen technology, undoubtedly the first one will be quickly superseded by a secondary version and likely competitors, but all of this is good news for the consumer and for the environment. It’s possible that this is the revolutionary change the cosmetics industry has been waiting for.

Check out the video here of how it works. Pretty cool, no?

Check out Jenene Crossan’s blog here.

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