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25 things with Vend’s Vaughan Rowsell, part two

5 things I wish the country would do right now

Take more notice of our creative and tech sectors

They are world class. And the world is starting to notice. But we don’t even know what we’ve got. Many young New Zealanders don’t believe they can have a career in these sectors and that is just dumb.

Bring the brightest and most curious minds to New Zealand

Diversity of thought makes us all better. The more expertise and experience we have, the more investment capital follows. We live in one of the best places on Earth, and this isn’t just blind patriotism. Those who discover it tell us constantly.

Take bolder leaps in education

How we have taught for the last 150 years is not going to be right for our kids. We should be able to give each kid a customised learning journey and empower teachers to facilitate. Technology can do this. We just need to help the teachers out first. It’s a scary new world.

Find new things to farm

Hyperlocal manufacturing and synthetics are going to decimate our dairy and agricultural industries. The world won’t need our dairy powder and meat because they can literally grow it 20km from their market. We need to find something to do with all our fertile lands because there is only so much milk and steak I can consume (check out the great food disruption series here).

Stop promoting New Zealand as a bunch of fields and hills with no one living here

I think we all appreciate how 100% Pure works for tourism, but we are also trying to tell the story that we are a modern country with world-class infrastructure and talent. That’s improving, but some people still seem surprised we drive cars and live and work in cities. Talent wants to know there is more to do here than go for a hike.

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