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25 things with Vend’s Vaughan Rowsell, part four

5 things that worry me about technology

Privacy is something only 1% of us has 

Everything is free, customised to our preferences and we all end up being the product in a consumer machine. You will pay extra to be anonymous and to have truly delightful happenstance experiences that don’t involve global tech companies tracking your location and selling it.  

The assets will be owned by the few; the rest of us are just tenants

You won’t own your car, house, bike or devices. You’ll just subscribe. All the assets will belong to the wealthy who end up with the control.

Always-on means the bullies are too

I got bullied when I was a kid, but I got to go home and ditch them. Bullying was limited to pockets of geography where the jerks hung out. Today the jerks come home in our kids’ pockets and are there 24/7.

It’s better than us

I am not that smart already and technology will soon be smarter. I have average reflexes, but robots will be fast and precise. What will be left for us to do and how will we feel about being so, well, inferior?

There will be a new generation of Luddites

Some will not take kindly to technology being better than them and they will try to stop advancement or break apart technology companies. They will most likely be the lawyers (and lawmakers) who discover their jobs will be among the first to go.

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