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Kickstarter of the week: 3D Knitted shoes for some reason

This strange little Kickstarter – the JS Shoes Q series of footwear ­– may just be the answer to many of our innovation-oriented prayers: They are lightweight, environmentally friendly, form fitting, customizable and affordable.

And here’s the cool part: JS offers you the option of purchasing each shoe separately, customizing each one to the characteristics of your individual feet.

“Since most people have a half size variation between their feet,” says Xiaoxi Shi, founder and creative director of JS Shoe, “we felt that it was important to package our shoes individually”.

You can also mix and match colours and designs, a feature sure to appeal to eccentric fashionistas everywhere.

Image: Lovely

The shoe is, predictably, the first of its kind: a 3-dimensionally knitted shoe – not printed – and made by a real McCoy 3D knitting machine. 

JS says it’s the new technology allows the company to combine regular manufacturing processes with a high level of customisation while still keeping costs down.

So what do we think? Is this a brilliant new idea? Or is the JS Shoe the new Croc (a trend, the popularity of which, I have yet to fully grasp)? Or both?

On the plus side, the JS has an undeniably trendy vibe, it must be said however that it is a very ‘seasonal’ item (the shoe can withstand some exposure to moisture but ‘it is not advisable’ for it to be exposed to rain). It would be hard to predict the ‘life expectancy’ of this shoe with New Zealand’s changeable weather.

Although the JS 3D knitted shoe may be unusual and have its share of flaws, it’s still a nice little piece of innovation: Lightweight, form fitted, highly customizable and no shoes required.

The verdict? In our opinion the JS Shoe is a product worthy of trending, and so far 809 backers – who have so far pledged $77,313 – seem to agree.

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