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VOTE NOW in the final round of the People’s Choice Award!!


The top six are:

Eat My Lunch

Eat My Lunch is a social enterprise that has launched as a response to knowing that too many kids were going to school without a lunch every day. Customers go online to buy a nutritious lunch for themselves and a healthy lunch for a needy kid at the same time, on the principle of Buy One, Give One. Eat My Lunch has spread via social media has successfully launched this enterprise with no advertising budget.


Kaika Energy Team – Kaika Energy

Kaika Energy is a biotechnology company run by high school students. Their school, Kaikorai Valley College, houses the Anaerobic Digester that Kaika Energy has built to process non-consumable food waste and transform it into bio fuel and fertiliser products with a high nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium value. The biogas collected from the Digester will also heat the school’s greenhouse. Kaika Energy hope to demonstrate ways of disposing of non-consumable food waste in both New Zealand and the Pacific Island nations.


Lionel Taito-Matamua – Victoria University of Wellington

Design Tutor Lionel Taito-Matamua is leading a Victoria University of Wellington research project which addresses the serious issue of plastic waste in the Pacific. Using Samoa as a case study this research explored methods of extrusion of the waste to create 3D printer filaments and the use of digital printing to recycle the plastic. Methods for extraction and repurposing the waste into traditional crafts for tourism and local use were explored and were found to be culturally acceptable and sustainable.


Ogo Technology

Ogo is an electric mobility device (wheelchair) with hands-free control due to its unique intuitive ‘active seat’ control. Current electric wheelchairs have limitations on where they can go, and are difficult to manoeuvre. The Ogo can travel at speed and off-road, and the ‘active seat’ innovation for steering and controlling the device also strengthens core muscles. Lightweight and responsive, the Ogo will give greater freedom to the mobility-impaired


OpthalmicDocs – oDocs Eye Care

Emergency eye care diagnosis, referral and treatment is slow, unresponsive and expensive, involving specialised equipment that is beyond the financial reach of most GPs and community health clinics. OphthalmicDocs (oDocs) improves these outcomes by creating a portable eye care kit that uses a 3D printer and a Smartphone to create ocular imaging adaptors that take pictures of the eye and retina.  The app sends medical information and the eye images to the nearest available ophthalmologist, anywhere in the world, for fast diagnosis and treatment recommendations. 


Rhondium – OVC

When teeth fracture, they either require a large filling as a short-term solution, or a costly crown that is traditionally custom-made in a two dental visit process. The Rhondium One Visit Crown supplies dentists with a ready-made range of crowns which can be fitted in one visit, thereby reducing cost and inconvenience. The One Visit Crowns remove the need for impressions, technicians and multiple anaesthetic injections, making them simple and cost effective for both patient and dental practitioner.w


Voting is open NOW until 5pm Friday 25 September.

The winner of the People’s Choice will be announced at the New Zealand Innovators Awards event on 21 October 2015 at The Cloud, Queens Wharf, Auckland. Join hundreds of other kiwi innovators at NZ’s largest innovation event. Buy your tickets here.

To get all the details about our most innovative organisations, people and teams go to the 2015 NZ Innovators Awards online.

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