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Tech of the Week: MODA, the make-up kit that takes 30 seconds instead of 3 hours

Self-styled as the “world’s first digital makeup artist”, the MODA is taking 3D-printing to a whole new level by injecting a specialised mineral makeup “ink” directly to a person’s face.

The device is created by Swedish beauty brand Foreo, known for their “innovative” product designs and attractive packaging. Coming in to the beauty scene in 2013, they have produced a sonic-cleansing device, as well as a toothbrush.

However, their latest project will see people who need to put makeup on for their daily routine sticking their heads into a futuristic-looking “pod”. The device will then jet-spray everything from foundation to colour on to your face.

Using 3D facial scanning software and biometric lens, the device analyses your face to create a geometric map of the exact orientation and shape, allowing the ink to be applied precisely to your features.

The ink is applied in three steps: a primer as the base layer, foundation, highlighting and contouring as the second, and finally high-impact colour for eyes, cheeks and lips.

FDA-approved, the mineral ink is natural and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin, the company claims on the website. 3D printing make-up being directly layered to your face seems a bit weird, but the company does claims that users can replicate the look that’s sported by A-list celebrities walking the red carpet.

The exact type of look users want to achieve can be set up through an integrated smartphone app that connects with the device. The app will have a library of celebrity styles, while also including a “Uniquely You” mode that gives suggestions based on the individual user’s facial geometries.

According to 3dprint.com, the MODA will use 2,000 very fine spray nozzles that can simultaneously adjust with an accuracy of 40 microns.

There’s no information yet from the company about what the cost is, or when it will be available. The launch of the device itself is also invitation only, which potential buyers can request on the product website.

The project was launched very close to April Fools, so we might all be the butt of a joke here. However, the technology that’s featured in the device are all theoretically possible.

Time will tell whether this is just one gigantic prank – but if it isn’t, than there’s bound to be a whole lot of people who are keen to have a go, especially if it means you can sleep in for an extra 15 minutes.

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