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Wellington boasts some of the world's leading 3D printing designers. A new noses from Victoria University, Weta made film props, shoes and dresses -

The surprises keep coming from 3D printers land. How about an Aston Martin that was later blown up in a James Bond movie. Or

A pillar of what’s being hailed as the third industrial revolution, 3D printing is set to radically change manufacturing – putting small-scale production in

Did you know that the technology behind 3D printing dates back to 1986? Nowadays 3D printing is being used in many different industries, from

The duo behind Auckland company Critical Pixels do some pretty cool things. They'll make a 3D model of your product idea, create a website or

3D printing is getting more accessible and affordable and the Shapematic app is further evidence of the trend.Italian developers Floaty have created the app to