Google sharpens claws against dodgy traffic promotion tactics as it rolls out Penguin 3.0

Prepare for a big shake up in search results, Google has just released the much-anticipated Penguin algorithm update. The online chatter reached fever pitch over the weekend with rumours of big gains and big falls in rankings. Up until Sunday, it was all speculation, however Google confirmed the update on Sunday night.

The Google Penguin algorithm, which has instilled fear in every ‘black hat’(dodgy) digital marketer has officially been updated for the first time in just over a year, an event that has been the most anticipated algorithm update in Google’ s history (Read chatter on Black Hat World). Initially released in April 2012, the Penguin update targets websites that have violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.



At the moment it is unclear how large the update is and if it will enable Google to run future Penguin refreshes with more frequency (like with the Panda updates). 

We are also still waiting to establish if the update has fully rolled out or if it is still in the process of rolling out, in our experience however, it is likely that we will see some impact in the next few days as the dust settles.

The ramifications of the update are yet to be seen, however, it is likely that websites hit by past Penguin updates who have now reformed (and waited over a year for a reprieve!) their ways may benefit, and those using unethical link building practices may be hit.

For more on the difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin, check this article

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