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Inside New Zealand’s first think with Google on bridging the digital divide

Today we hosted Google New Zealand’s first annual Think With Google event. ‘Think’ events are our global flagship events where we share thought leadership and insights with top advertisers and agencies, to enable them to create meaningful connections between their businesses and the customers they care about most. We highlight new ways to make these connections and how Google can be a key partner in this journey.

Today’s event, Bridging the Digital Divide, looked at how Kiwi businesses are progressing with digital maturity. Drawing on research from BCG on Australia and New Zealand economic digital maturity, we know that only two percent of AUNZ businesses are in a place of digital maturity and those that reach that goal experience 15 percent more incremental revenue.

Marketers from more than 50 businesses attended and heard Nick Love, head of performance advertising and I speak alongside key industry speakers on how best to tackle this evolving challenge. Jonathan Waecker (The Warehouse Group), Toni Tuslove (Fonterra), Glen MacKellaig (Harmoney), and Jane Stanley (Hearts and Science) participated in an engaging panel discussion, looking at their own businesses and how they’re striving for digital excellence. Special guest speaker, Francis Valintine, founder of the Mind Lab, delivered the opening keynote on the need to innovate to meet consumer expectations.

Experiential elements to the day, included Kiwi tilt brush artist, Danny Owen creating art in real time for the guests, and a virtual Google Earth studio to explore the great walks of New Zealand. Think With Google events will be held annually in New Zealand.

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