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The Wrap 18 June

In the key of dot

JS Bach’s very funereal Toccata and Fugue in D Minor has had a makeover thanks to bunch of Germans and a dot matrix printer. Yes, it’s the Toccata and Fugue in Dot Minot, which MIDI Desaster created thanks to the classic piece of kit.

You’ll need to be a fan of organ music, because this cover spans the full nine and something minutes of the original.

In the eye of the gamer

Among the many product launches at this year’s E3 electronics show is the SteelSeries Sentry, a device for gamers to rewire themselves to become champs. Accessory maker SteelSeries and eye tracking products company Tobii reckon tunnel vision and poor map and screen awareness are the enemy, so the Sentry is designed to track your eyes to see where you’re looking and whether you prone to fixating on one spot. It then analyses that data and benchmark your stats with real time feedback to see if you’re improving.

Secrets in secret

Secret, the social app that keeps your activity anonymous, is going even more hush hush with workplaces in mind. In a recent announcement, makers Medium say they’ve been trialling ‘Secret Dens’ – virtual places for offices to share stuff that stays within their four walls. Currently the rollout is invite only, but Medium wants Dens to spring up at more companies, organisations and universities in the near future.


In an age when we’re used to tracking exercise on watches and fitness bands, Tera is a floor mat with a difference. Working with an iPad app, producers Lunar Europe call Tera half rug, half personal trainer. Once you pick your exercise of choice and your workout, the mat uses embedded sensors to track and record your movements, then translate that into an interactive exercise experience that encourages particular poses and stances. With a bunch of LED lights, it also looks pretty good. At this stage it hasn’t been commercially developed, but the company has also made a climbing wall and a smart bike that suggest it will become reality.


TERA fitness mat from LUNAR Europe on Vimeo.

Amanda Sachtleben is an Auckland writer and social media type, who's also Idealog's former tech editor and business journalist.

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