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Face swapping app serious fun

Auckland developer John Ballinger reckons the Face Swap-r app is the most fun of the 13 he has in the Mac and iOS stores. But it also has serious money making potential.

Face Swap-r joins the category of apps that detects a person’s face in a photo and swaps it with another person’s.

The Kiwi’s offering is a little different to some, though, as it automates the face swap and lets users make a composite image from two photos so people don’t have to be in the same photo to make the switch.

Face Swap-r is likely to appeal to kids, but there’s also a market for adults, Ballinger says. In the US app store, these types of apps rate highly, with the leading offering ranking at 16 in that store’s entertainment category at the time of writing, he says.

“The app has a lot of potential but you need lots of apps pushing and marketing it, you offer others free more as bait, to cross promote.”

Ballinger doesn’t have any other apps in the genre in the iOS store, but this is a free app and also has the functionality to turn face swap photos into physical postcards.

The cards can be sent for US$1.99 in the US or $2.99 internationally. Face swap images can also be shared among users via mail, Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, a 99c upgrade will remove image watermarks and in-app ads.

Ballinger now has 10 apps in the iOS store and three in the Mac store, with no plans to produce an Android version of Face Swap-r. 

Amanda Sachtleben is an Auckland writer and social media type, who's also Idealog's former tech editor and business journalist.

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