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IRD app challenge spotlights startups as innovators for the big guys

A contest to find an app to improve the way small businesses interact with the IRD is the first in a series planned by Wellington’s Creative HQ to show how startups can find creative solutions for big organisations and corporates.

Creative HQ chief executive Stefan Korn says startups are often overlooked in the procurement process in favour of a known brand or multinational with more resources to deploy.

“Startup companies and big business make a powerful partnership. All over the world companies are looking to the nimble entrepreneurial ethos that surrounds startup teams and creative communities,” he says.

Startups frequently disrupt outdated business models so are capable of more genuine innovation than just incremental improvement, he says. “Large organisations tend to do innovation badly because of existing internal stakeholders protecting the status quo. If you want to innovate, you have to smash the status quo with fresh ideas, and rapid implementation.”

Creative HQ is positioning itself as the intermediary in these David and Goliath partnerships.

The App4IR Challenge, launched today by revenue minister Todd McClay, makes a call for people to submit mobile app concepts to help small businesses interact with Inland Revenue more efficiently.

The prize is $10,000 and the development of the app by a product delivery team. Challenge participants keep their IP.

The challenge is open to individuals, teams and companies in New Zealand until 14 April.

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