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How to transform your company with Creative HQ

Tell us what Creative HQ does?

We work with companies to build innovation frameworks to transform their businesses. We have run over 100 Design Sprints and have developed dedicated sprint types that help companies solve specific innovation challenges. We combine these services into a customised innovation programme to suit our client’s specific needs, based on our expertise as NZ’s most experienced innovation facilitation company.

Tell us about a Design Sprint?

One of the most common forms of innovation methodologies is the Design Sprint. They are based on work done by Google Ventures and are a unique five-day process for validating ideas and solving significant challenges through prototyping and testing with customers. It takes business strategy, innovation and behavioural science, and packages it into a structured process that can be applied to any problem or sector.

So, what are the other innovation services that you offer?

Alongside the CHQ Design Sprint, we offer a series of sprints tailored to what your company needs. We work with a company to figure out the best innovation framework for them, which could include a Problem Discovery Sprint, a Sales Sprint or a corporate accelerator.

How can CHQ transform my business?

What we know is that it’s easy for businesses to fall into a routine. You’ve got something that works, and so you keep doing that. But transformation doesn’t have to mean wholesale change – a transformation could happen when you try out a new product or service. Where CHQ comes in, is that we’ll help you figure out that transformation in a structured, cost-effective manner.

Why use CHQ?

People are at the heart of everything we do. Solutions are centred around customers and use their problems as the starting point for our work. Our Innovation Services are also an excellent way to upskill staff in innovation methodologies. Your people make up the project team – they are the best people to work on your business. You get relevant solutions, and your team will walk away with a toolkit of problem-solving skills that they can apply time and time again.

We’ve got a proven track record of delivering innovation services and have worked with some of New Zealand’s most significant companies including Fonterra, Contact Energy, Trade Me and various government agencies. All of our Innovation Services are run by staff who are highly trained innovation specialists – we don’t just sit behind our desk writing reports, we’re making innovation happen in multiple countries.

Tell us about this innovation toolkit?

There a lot of companies out there who will tell you how to do innovation, but they do the work themselves. This means a company will maybe do a brainstorm, have a few workshops and then get a report at the end. What CHQ does differently is that we take your people along with us for the ride. We’ll teach them our methodologies and put your staff at the centre of innovation. At the end of a CHQ Sprint, your people will be able to apply that methodology to lots of different parts of the business. We like to say that all participants get an immersive learning experience. Our experience with immersive learning is why we are starting to offer CHQ Nano Degrees. These are ten-day deep learning experiences for people to build their innovation toolkit.

Any last comments?

Change doesn’t have to be scary! And innovation doesn’t have to be chaos. There are ways to get tangible, positive, impactful outcomes within a short time-frame. We would love to work with more New Zealand companies to help them transform their businesses.

To find out more information, visit creativehq.co.nz/innovation-services or contact Kelly at [email protected] to see how we can help you. 

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