Most Creative People

Aliesha Staples was one of the People's Choice winners for Most Creative in film/TV for Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. Staples got in on the AR/VR bandwagon early and is now creating some pioneering experiences with the technology, including helping develop a fire-resistant 360-degree camera for a VR experience for New Zealand Fire and Emergency. It also filmed New Zealand’s first live stream in 360 VR Video and it’s pushing boundaries in health, letting children experience procedures through VR to prepare them for the real thing. Not only that, her company also operates a successful rental business to give people access to these new technologies. Here, she talks creativity, expansion and the secret to success.

The bots are coming

Putting AI and ethics in the same sentence can make anyone who’s watched an episode of Westworld or Black Mirror squeamish, as is the friction that comes with humans and futuristic tech. But as someone who’s at the forefront of international AI developments, Microsoft’s global AI leader David Heiner says there are many initiatives underway to ensure ethical disasters don’t play out. And he says the social good AI can do for humanity should get more airtime, too.

Idealog + Mosh

Setting out to raise the social media literacy of New Zealand businesses is a bold task to embark on, but social media specialist agency Mosh thought it could teach companies a thing or two about the online realm. Managing director Jeremy Marks breaks down the state of the New Zealand business social media scene, as well as the direction technology is taking this form of marketing in in the future.

Most Creative People

Parrot Analytics operations manager Dil Khosa was one of the People's Choice winners for the digital category in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. She aims to change the way television and entertainment is measured, has a wide variety of skills and that means she’s been involved in pretty much everything across the fast-growing company. A voice for the importance of data, she boldly says: “The sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians.” Here, she discusses creativity, innovation and taking risks.

Machines and music

Spotify has revolutionised the access consumers have to music through its technology, but behind the machine, there’s humans like Spotify Australia and New Zealand senior music editor Alicia Sbrugnera helping craft playlists to people’s different wants and needs. We went behind the interface and spoke to her about how this algorithm and playlist curation business really works.