Mike Hutcheson

Year in Review 2016, brought to you by Kiwibank

In the latest edition of our series asking some of Aotearoa's best-known businesspeople and visionaries to take a step back and offer their insights on how the past year has gone and how the future might unfold, we chat with ICG director, former managing director of Saatchi and Saatchi NZ (and all-round all-rounder) Mike Hutcheson.


In a just-released 30-minute video, former Saatchis boss Mike Hutcheson examines how the Kiwi attitude both produces innovation and mitigates against its commercialisation.


When Cantabrians protest the disappearance of the old cathedral, they are simply following a long and noble tradition of resistance to altering the status quo.

You are not going to be successful just by wandering around being intelligent. Successful endeavours are those that are out of the ordinary, because they go beyond the norm.