How to decode New Zealand's special brand of humour

Kiwi cultural codes

How to decode New Zealand's special brand of humour

Taika Waititi, Flight of the Conchords, William Waiirua – New Zealand has a very particular brand of humour when compared to the rest of the world, so how can brands best harness this? TRA head of strategy Colleen Ryan breaks down what's so different about it, and how companies can use it to form an emotional connection with their audiences.

The name alone is a winner: "Sex(uality) and the City: Counteracting the cock-ups of Auckland’s mainstrip”. And it keeps on giving, outlining joyful, rollicking series of attractions themed around recent local sex scandals.

It's the creative doodler's weapon of choice, has a fascinating and possibly imagined connection to The Simpsons, and despite its name, seems to always go blunt before the ink runs out.

Crikey, what a scorcher! The summer if 2012/2013 saw records tumble, climate change arguments reignite and nether regions perspire to a degree not seen since the last hot summer, whenever that was.