Meet Nat Cheshire and the team behind Britomart's new lovechild, Morningside

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Meet Nat Cheshire and the team behind Britomart's new lovechild, Morningside

You may know Nat Cheshire as the designer behind some of Auckland City’s most character-defining developments, such as City Works Depot and much of Britomart, or as one of our Most Creative winners. As 2018 draws to a close, Cheshire has debuted a new development with his name attached to it called Morningside. But instead of being a masterpiece he’s created for a client, this time around, it’s his and his friends’ own money on the line. Here, he talks taking his vision for Auckland into the suburbs, tapping into the culture of Kingsland and where he’s casting his eye to develop next.

Island time

The people of Samoa will be celebrating their next Independence Day on a new purpose-built event space in front of the Government building in Apia, built by New Zealand firm Beca. The Event Space and Clock Tower Boulevard projects located in downtown Apia will provide a ceremonial space and a pedestrian connection currently missing in the central waterfront area in the tourism-focused country, and is being partially funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme. The aim of the projects is to improve connection and the use of the waterfront for locals and visiting tourists by providing venues for events, and recreational and cultural experiences.

Poverty Week, brought to you by Kiwibank

Auckland, move aside. Indemic director Nick Jones makes the case for why small-town New Zealand is deserving of the same urban design treatment as big cities - and why this is important when it comes to social equality.