Air New Zealand

A day in the life

Jodie King is chief people officer at Air New Zealand. She joined the company as an HR general manager in 2012 after 16 years of living and working in the UK, including a role as the director of talent management at KPMG across nine European countries. She was appointed to her current role at Air New Zealand in 2016. Here’s how she gets through the day, organises her time and manages a busy executive role.

Marketing mishaps

Air New Zealand has shown unprecedented self-reflection with a tongue-in-cheek 'job application' inviting customers to apply for the position of 'head of safety videos'. The airline posted the image on its social channels on the evening of 1 February – after 24 hours of press surrounding its announcement that the 'It's Kiwi Safety' video was to be replaced with one from the archives.

Flying new technologies

Air New Zealand is renown not just for its whimsical safety videos, but for its explorative avenues to enhance customer experience through technology. Its customer innovation programme has seen a variety of tech solutions to customer pain points, from wearable tech wristbands for children travelling by themselves, to Sophie, its first digital assistant engineered by local Artificial Intelligence company Soul Machines. And today, the airline extended its line of technology stunts, releasing an initial-concept multiplayer spatial computing gaming experience.

He waka eke noa

In this special podcast, Idealog has a roundtable chat with the team behind the start-up Akudos and MYOB about Kōkiri, a unique business accelerator dedicated to speeding up the development of Māori businesses, as well as the importance of large businesses supporting start-ups, what we mean when we talk about agile working, Māori innovation, and more.

Climbing robots!

Robots. Ho-hum, right? After all, we seem to be utterly saturated with news about the latest and greatest innovations basically every day, from machines that can slice our bread and make our lives easier to more alarmist predictions about whether or not the robots will one day rise up and do away with homo sapiens a la the Terminator films. This is not one of those ho-hum stories.