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Would you like beer with that?

Whitestone IPA beer cheese

First of its kind in New Zealand, Whitestone’s IPA (India pale ale) beer cheese has a hoppy, spritzy taste that’s heavy on the beer. Collaborating with Scotts Brewing Co., the strong southern cheese packs a punch, even for beer lovers into heavy hoppy drinks. Apparently, it’s found fans in more girls than guys at the recent Taste of Auckland.

Epic Loves Bacon beer

Kiwis love bacon, and we love beer. So a marriage of Epic beer and Freedom Farms bacon in a smoked IPA should be marvellous. In theory. Some in the Idealog tasting crew loved it, some hated it. And while there was consensus the smoky, bacony flavour is definitely noticeable, beer aficionados could not taste it as strongly.

Wellington Chocolate Co’s Craft beer bar

This got love it or hate it reviews from the Idealog office too, although craftbeer lovers definitely liked the strong hoppy aftertaste. Houseblended cacao meets Nelson Sauvin hops and Gladfield toffee malt.

Chelsea Winter’s marmite & cheese beer bread

This recipe from recent Masterchef NZ winner Chelsea Winter is surprisingly easy to make. A one-bowl wonder, we used a very light golden ale (in case it was unpalatable), and the Idealog team liked its light hoppy taste. For serious beer drinkers, replace golden ale with a serious dark brew.

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