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The Idealog guide to the Best Beards in Business

The wild man:

Business is just another adventure. 

Model: Peter Yealands, Yealands Estate winery

Disruptive innovation:

Is it a beard? Is it a plane? He knows and that’s all that matters. 

Model: Vaughan Rowsell, VendHQ

The beard of awesome: 

Perfect insulation for a giant waterslide ride. 

Model: Jimi Hunt, Live More Awesome

Double life:

Business by day, muso by night. Best of both.

Model: Mathew Bosher, Air NZ

Buy now:

Purchased the rugged look in an on-line auction? 

Model: Josh Borthwick, Trade Me

Made it:

I’m the boss and I don’t give a shit.

Model: Peter Jackson

The designer:

Beard is de rigueur. As is swept-back coif.  

Model: Tim Kelleher, Sons & Co web design

Trust me:

The beard you would buy from.

Model: Mark Osbourne, web developers 96 Black

Want to show off your business beard? Email us at [email protected] or tweet at @idealogmag and we might just do a round two.

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