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Book review: It Starts With Passion

It Starts With Passion by Keith Abraham
Wiley, $28.99 

book review it starts with passion keith abraham - idealog?Feeling less than enthusiastic about life, with a big dose of CBA when it comes to your working life? Keen to follow your dreams but not sure where to start?

Keith Abraham wants to help you fix your life, with his quick and dirty self-help book on finding your passion. 

He splits his wisdom into four parts, all starting with M (surprisingly, there isn’t a ‘Motivation’). 

‘Meaningful’ is about creating ‘certainty’ in your life – finding your ‘why’, figuring out how to be in balance, reconnecting with your passion and viewing the big picture.

‘Milestones’ is about getting clarity – sorting out your driving emotions, turning dreams into destinations and putting aside time for reflection and to reset. 

‘Mindset’ sees you gaining confidence in your life, and ‘Momentum’ is living consistently. 

Abraham is very big on creating your life to-do list – all the things you want to achieve- and then revising it constantly to keep yourself on track. 

A good, quick read and one that serves as a solid kick up the bum to get you back on track – if that’s what you need, of course!

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