Creative carbo-loading: ASB combines motivation and preparation with special Auckland Marathon pasta

What does every marathon runner need? Motivation and carbs. And ASB has combined the two to help get people across the line at the ASB Auckland Marathon on Sunday, October 29.

ASB Fasta, a 250g of edible tagliatelle pasta embossed with supportive messages, such as 'Know your limits and then run pasta them' and 'It’s not how Fasta you run. It’s how far you go' (fans of The Bugle will know this as a slightly different form of pun run) will be sent out to 1,000 randomly selected race-registered people (from all five events) nominated by friends and family.

People are also able to create a personalised support message to go on the front of the box.

The campaign also includes a 30-second Facebook ad, and a longer YouTube version, with runners, while training for their races, receiving and enjoying their ASB Fasta. 

Independent ad agency True, which recently won the ASB business, came up with the idea as a way to engage with runners and their supporters pre, during and post-race.

True chief creative officer Craig Pethybridge says they landed on ASB Fasta as a way to demonstrate ASB understands just how big an undertaking running a marathon is and that it's behind every runner each step of the way.

The pasta was created by Auckland-based family company Pasta Madero, which manufactures its products in East Tamaki.

“ASB is involved in a range of running events across New Zealand and we’ve found it’s often the week leading up to the race that runners start to get nervous," says ASB's general manager of marketing Shane Evans. "Working with True we wanted to create something tangible that would help runners keep one step ahead in both training and on race day.”

This story originally appeared on StopPress

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