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Lucky Street Taco introduces meal kits

1) What was the initial thoughts behind the creation of this service?

To launch a street-eats inspired meal kit delivery service. We’ve seen the demand for more convenience for our customers since launching Lucky Taco meal kits into Supermarkets. 

2) How do you think your service differs from other home meal options?

Lucky Street is a meal kit delivery solution for people that prefer dumplings, noodles, curries, burgers and tacos over meat and three veg. We offer an evolving line-up of the best street eats for you to recreate at home in just a few easy steps.

3) How much preparation on your side goes into the first stages of the meals?

A lot! Together with our ever-expanding food family, we make all the sauces. Marinade the meats. Prepare the veggies/salads and slaws. Prep the serve size etc…We’ve also created online cooking tutorials for people to watch as they build their Lucky Street creations at home. No complicated recipe cards and also trying to reduce packaging where we can, just quick n’ easy videos.

4) Have there been any difficulties in regards to the startup that you have had to adapt to?

There are always difficulties regarding startups. Yes. I’m constantly making updates to the website, to try and suit our customers needs. As a startup, we didn’t want or have the cash to spend on a customised site – so we’re using a Shopify template. It’s great, but must work within the template. If successful, we’ll move to a more custom experience for our customers once we’ve received feedback.

5) Tell us a bit about the ingredients you use and the inspiration behind the meals.

We use top quality free range and locally sourced produce, as well as exotic flavours from all over the world to complement each of our Lucky ‘Amigos’ dishes. Maximum flavour. And mimimal effort for our customers. All of our food family use exotic and delicious ingredients and flavours in their dishes. Which is what sets our meal kits apart from all the rest. We have Mexican / Chinese Malaysian / Brazilian Japanese Korean Fusion / Thai & South Indian flavours.

6) Do you think a demand for convenience has caused the spike in ready-made meal options?

Absolutely. People want to eat delicious/exciting and well-balanced food without having to think about shopping, cooking & preparing it. We still know people like to cook and eat out, which is why we’ve launched with a maximum of two meals a week – which gives our customers flexibility.

7) The Lucky Taco is a popular destination for Auckland Foodies, how will you bring that experience to their homes?

With the launch of The Lucky Taco’s award winning retail products into grocery, it became impossible to juggle both the demands of cooking, cleaning, serving and operating the taco truck as well as the production and manufacture of products into Supermarkets (which is no mean feat). We do still pop-up in our trusted spot at 230 Ponsonby Rd about once a month to see our regulars and catch-up! 

But the launch of Lucky Street essentially enables our customers to have a taco truck in their kitchen – as well as some of the best flavours New Zealand has on offer. 

With Lucky Street, we’re giving people the edible tools to unleash their culinary rockstar!

It’s healthy, great tasting, social fun food, ready in record timing with zero stress.

Both Frizzells have extensive knowledge of flavours and creation, their dedication to food which has seen the success of their food truck will reflect into the meal kits available to all. With the first recipe list released along with the instructional videos, the meals communicate the couples love for intense flavour and all things delicious. 

Lucky Street can be signed up to here, and includes instructional videos on how to prepare each meal. Watch the first one below. 

This story first appeared at The Register.
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