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Why trends in New Zealand media shouldn’t be ignored

A store can have the best fit-out, high-quality products, and great customer service – yet none of that matters if it’s not using the right platforms to target the select demographic.

A step in the right direction is figuring out your target audience and the media platforms they respond too.

1)    Listen to what’s important to your audience: Using social media as a fashion assessment tool allows you to see what your customers are demanding. Nielsen states that 2.8 million New Zealanders visit social media per month. 88 percent of those are 15 or older. With Facebook and Youtube being the most popular platforms.

2)    Speak the language of your audience: Focus on your branding and how you want to use your specific ‘tone’ to target a select group. Simply using social media listening tools or manual monitoring of social media conversations can reveal your audience’s common dialect.

3)    Spread your message out through different platforms: Restricting yourself to just radio or just social media means restricting who you influence. 3.4 million Kiwi’s use the internet across a week. 88 percent aged 10 or older. While 2.8 million read a newspaper each week, with only six out of 10 reading them online.

4)    Make your websites mobile friendly: Nothing deters browsers more than a webpage that is hard to navigate as it isn’t tailored to be used on phones. Make sure your website suits both computer and phone layouts, or better, an app. 3.1 million people aged 10 + personally own a mobile device – with numbers still growing.

5)    Don’t disregard physical advertising: Although digital has expanded rapidly in New Zealand, only 13.5 percent more of Kiwi’s use the internet, compared to those who read advertisements in magazines. 79 percent of the population ages 10 + read at least one magazine in its issue period. Do not bypass physical advertising in favour of digital, as each still hold their own towards their respectable target audiences. 

All media platforms have value in reaching consumers with content and advertising. Media planning and spending must involve a mix, but that mix depends on the brand and the audience.

Instead of thinking about planning media around channels, marketers should be thinking about planning media around the consumer they are trying to reach.

Six out of 10 New Zealanders read news content online and it’s growing. Audiences spend almost three hours a day watching broadcast TV, those watching only online TV content is just 4 percent. The mix of media has never been more important.

Compelling content continues to work, and audiences will watch it using whatever the device, and this is true for advertising as well.

This story first appeared at The Register.
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