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Idealog Year in Review: Banqer’s Kendall Flutey

Favourite innovation that isn’t yours?

I’m a real oral hygiene freak so Freshbrush has me very excited – all about the practicality. Not sure if it’s really an innovation as I hope everyone has been brushing for centuries, but as a subscription in NZ I believe it’s new.

Favourite innovation that is yours?

It’s gotta be Banqer or my DIY display stand in the office.

Listen to this podcast with Kendall Flutey and Idealog publisher and editorial director Ben Fahy:

Most interesting launch/innovation/trend/thing of the year?

Anything blockchain, the possibilities are pretty exciting.

Lamest launch/innovation/trend/thing of the year?

Anything blockchain, still waiting to be blown away by an application of the tech.

Most promising New Zealand company/companies?

I think Vend is still high on the list, along with 8i. Eat My Lunch are also proving a successful social model which I think we will see replicated in the future.


I seem to see Michelle Dickinson everywhere (in the media) and I can’t help but like her and what she is doing to promote STEM in schools, especially for girls.

Check out this podcast with Dr Michelle Dickinson and Idealog publisher-at-large Vincent Heeringa:


Not to be political, but Trump.

Best stoush?

I heard there was a pretty good verbal throw-down between Paul Henry and Gareth Morgan recently. I still need to see the footage myself.

Your own biggest success?

We had some big wins this year, but the one that got me most excited was crunching that data that shows Banqer improves the financial capability of students who use it. 

What’s the biggest mistake innovators/businesses will make in 2017?

Not sure, but confident I will make most of them. I think being aware of the changing start-up landscape is pretty key to trying to avoid making all of them.

What do you expect to see in the next five years? 

Data. Lots and lots of data. And DaaS becoming a larger revenue stream for a lot of existing organisations.

What will be dead in five years?

So much, or at least as we know it now. Organisations may not be wiped out, but they’ll essentially put themselves out of business via internal innovation if they’re smart. For example Uber as we know it today will be on it’s way out. Traditional financial services like banking and insurance will also be moving aside if not dead as such.

What should be invented and/or un-invented?

Teleporation, especially for travel within the Auckland region. 

Favourite book/TV show/podcast/album/website/magazine/story/performance enhancing drug of the year?

Book: The Alchemist (always), TV Show: The Jinx, Podcast: Serial, Album: Simple Forms from The Naked And Famous, Website: Hacker news (always)

One piece of tech you’d have on a desert island?

I’m one of those people who likes to know the criteria of being on the island so really struggle to answer this question. Like, would there be internet? Can I charge said device? Basically I will ruin this question, so choose to decline to answer.

Will the robots become sentient and kill us all? (asking for a friend)

It’s possible, but not probable.

As you’re enjoying the great outdoors this summer, The Kiwibank Conservation Dogs will be out there too, hard at work, giving our nature a future. 

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