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Friday Friv: Force powers

Watch this do not if you are not fond of seagulls. Or Yoda.

Forget Parker v Ruiz Jr. Man v kangaroo is the real title fight.

Alright, fellow Star Wars fans. Ever wondered why the Death Star had that exhaust port roughly the size of a wamp rat that the Rebels were able to exploit thanks to a shot that was one in a million? A scientist had the same question. Turns out it’s an absolute necessity, as it probably was about twice as hot as the surface of the Sun. And he can prove it with (what else?) science.

What could be more painful than Shia Labeouf rapping? Shia Labeouf freestyle rapping.

Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder. There can be only one.

And lastly, Cat vs. Giant Wall. There can also only be one.

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