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For Idealog's recently launched Technology Issue, we wanted to bring the cover to life, so we shacked up with ResnBend and Spark and conducted an experiment. You can read all about the project here, but the end result was an immersive VR world that could be explored with a (newish) smartphone, a cardboard headset and a set of functioning eyes.

The response has been amazing. We've had people say they had acid flashbacks while they tried it out at Friday drinks, we've had parents who haven't been able to get the headsets off their kids (for extra VR-related fun, Idealog recommends downloading a rollercoaster app), and we've had people saying 'oh my god, there's a whale' (even though there aren't actually any whales). Just goes to show that the world, real or virtual, is what you make of it. 

We've still got 30 free headsets to give away to new subscribers. So mash your fingers on this, drop a measly $27.80 (or $17.80 print only!) for an annual subscription and we'll send a headset (and a copy of the latest magazine) your way. 

Main image via @Gerry50 

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