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Friday Frivolities: Damn, that’s harsh lil’ ducky

Yoda, the ultimate mentor, a true jedi knight. And a grade A rockstar!

Go to NASA; learn rocket science. Orrrr, go to NASA; learn NERF GUN SCIENCE!

A former NASA engineer who worked on the Mars Rover project got together with a couple mates and did what any other space scientist would do with their spare time…make a Nerf gun for a giant.

Here boy!

While we’re on that tech buzz, Boston Dynamics have done it again. But much better this time. You’ll either be absolutely astonished and excited, or genuinely freaked out and scared.


Fire is great. Harnessing it has got to be one of our greatest and most pivotal moments as a species. Since that day, we’ve developed some other cool tech, like super slow motion cameras. And fire tornadoes. Imagine if you…yep, slow mo fire tornado.

Home truths

You’ve probably had a difficult week at work, your kids have colds, and your house is no doubt leaking, so you absolutely deserve the weekend ahead! Well guess what, hard truths from baby animals, yo.


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