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Good cause of the moment: Sending solar power packs to Fiji

Kiwi solar power company Sunergise is having a crack at at least a part of that problem. The company has launched a project crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe in an attempt to reconnect thousands of Fijian homes using the company’s emergency solar power packs.  

“We’re doing this at a loss”, says Sunergise co-founder, Lachlan McPherson.

“Right now we are distributing the solar power kits we had in storage but we need our crowd’s help to bring in more.”

The target for the campaign is only $15,000 with more than $10,000 already pledged, but McPherson says that if and when the campaign goes over target, Pledge Me has assured him that the campaign continue to roll, providing as many solar kits as possible to Fiji, and, hopefully, as many are needed.

“We could have made the target higher,” says McPherson, “but we didn’t want to wait. There’s no point in waiting. The time to be doing this is now”.

The solar kits are made to global quality standards and endorsed by the World Bank. They’re designed to provide power immediately and should also help families live sustainably for several years. 

The kits will be distributed by Sunergise International with the help of Colenso BBDO and Tourism Fiji. 

“We’ve got the support of the Fijian minister for industry, trade and tourism,” says McPherson. “The important this to remember is that Fiji is still open for business. It’s the outer communities that have been affected here. If you were planning on going to a resort, you should still go. You’ll be fine.”

“The Fijian people are still smiling. They always are”.

Sunergise’s campaign is live at pldg.me/fiji and closes in seven days.

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