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Hey, sloth! Here’s your coffee machine

Well make an attentive grunt, because living your life while remaining utterly immobile just got one step closer.

Introducing De’Longhi’s first fully automatic home coffee maker, the Prima Donna Elite.

Whether you’re in bed, in a coma, or just letting gravity slowly drag you from the couch to the carpet, the Prima Donna Elite lets you order a coffee, just the way you like, with the feeblest quiver of a thumb, via the handy, utterly unnecessary app.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of flat whites, an espresso enthusiast, or the kind of developmentally-arrested adult who drinks hot chocolate, the Prima Donna Elite can brew your brew with the barest of effort on your part.

Of course, guessing stuff about stuff is hard too, so De’Longhi takes all the “guesswork” out of the typical coffee-making ordeal, recalling your favourite flavour at a single touch, and catering to the petty, trivial preferences of up to six different people.

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