Three Kiwi social media channels that don’t suck

It’s been said that, as a culture, Kiwis do two things worse than pretty much anyone else on the planet: glamour and humour (and please feel free to leave your violent disagreement in the comments section below).

That being the case, it’s always a pleasant surprise when you happen upon a Kiwi brand doing the social media thing in hilariously correct fashion. So Idealog decided to take a moment to celebrate that rarest of antipodean flowers: the humorous Kiwi social media channel.

  1. Invercargill City Libraries and Archives

Whether it’s donning Steve Buscemeyes in celebration of Steve Buscemi’s birthday, riffing on Adele’s latest song or this hilarious mash-up of Drake’s Hotline Bling with the ecstasy of returning library books on time, the staff at Invercargill City Libraries and Archives make the day-to-day challenges and an Invercargillian librarian seem both meme-worthy and meta as hell.

I mean just look at this: 


Today is the day that Marty travels to in Back to the Future 2! 2015 isn't quite how they imagined in it 1985.

Posted by Invercargill City Libraries and Archives on Tuesday, October 20, 2015​

Drake returns his Library books

Drake doesn't want any overdues

Posted by Invercargill City Libraries and Archives on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Image via Facebook
  1. Civil Defence Waikato

Over the last day or two, the slightly volcanic White Island (50 km off the coast of Whakatane), has been a little more active than usual. Don’t use Google News to investigate though – go straight to the source with this salty update from Civil Defence Waikato:

"So White Island has been given a level 1 alert - this means that it's a bit upset but not heaps upset. The science people have been over on the island checking out the volcano farts, and they note that it's just a bit farty. No need to worry about these volcano farts, the GNS Science peeps are always checking it out and will be like ‘holy smokes guys, it's getting cray’ if it does get cray. ‪#‎VolcanoFart ‪#‎VolcanoPoo"

Other highlights include Mystic Meg’s unlikely attempt at influencing some wedding-day weather with black magic, and the ongoing attempts to describe weather patterns using only barbeque ingredients.

  1. Real Groovy Auckland

While Real Groovy doesn’t necessarily exhibit the same energy as Invercargill City Libraries and Archives and Civil Defence Waikato (just what are they getting up to in there?) the company still manages to project a laid-back, hip vibe, overflowing with chill.

From the announcement of a new ‘vapid response’ security team, to the stylish repurposing of this photograph from a climate change protest, Real Groovy’s troll game is strong.

  1. Honourable overseas mention

The Solihull Police Twitter feed is, at times, pure police-procedural magic, often featuring such zingers as: 

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