Friday Frivolities: Muppets, mannequins and the worst thing you will ever see...guaranteed

Friday Frivolities: Muppets, mannequins and the worst thing you will ever see...guaranteed
Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

Call me crazy but this kid might have a Korea in music

A video of a totes adorbs Tibetan youngster singing the least adorbs thing ever.  

It’s time to get things started

Jim Henson’s lovable puppets return, updated for the 21st century in adult-themed, mockumentary style. Episode one sees Kermit try to make amends with his now-ex, Miss Piggy, by setting her up on a date with Josh Groban. Meanwhile, Fozzie’s new girlfriend’s parents don’t approve of their daughter’s new ‘bear-on-human’ relationship.

You get the idea.  

Aww, that’s sweet

Like most men, this guy wanted to experience the joy that can only be experienced during a fancy wedding photography session. Two things stood in his way however: he didn’t have a girlfriend and he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Not letting such trivialities stand between himself and satisfaction, he’s done what any rational person would do: he’s married a sex doll.

Here’s hoping the honeymoon goes off…with a bang.


Shia Labeouf recently held a back-to-back screening of all his movies – and attended that screening himself. Each to their own I suppose, but if you’re looking for entertainment, you’d best look elsewhere

And finally…

The absolute worst thing you will ever see, 100% guaranteed.

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