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Friday Frivolities: Men in a bra, Ronaldo in a beard, salt water in a can

Cristiano Ronaldo as a homeless dude

The Portuguese football superstar packs on a few pounds and some hideous facial hair and finds out what life is like for the rest of us – unloved and unpopular – even when he shows off his best footwork drills. But it’s not some worthy social experiment. Ronaldo went incognito as a way to promote his new and expensive ROC Live life loud headphones

Exposed: People who lie about their music tastes

Ever felt inadequate listening to friends talking about bands you’ve never heard of? Feel small no more – turns out those friends are probably lying. American late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live asked fans at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival their views on a whole load of fictitious bands – and found plenty of people prepared to say they loved them

Guys wear bras for a week

Spoiler alert: They don’t think much of the experience

The last drink in your world

In a clever gimmick to get people to wear lifejackets, French water sports brand Tribord packaged sea water into a trendy can, gave it an original name (Wave) and handed it out to unsuspecting boaties to give them an unexpected “taste of drowning”. Oh, and there’s also that Izeber 50 floating jacket Tribord is keen to plug

The lady is NOT amused

This is a US movie theatre’s answer to the “pee in their soup” revenge that restaurant owners take on unreasonable diners. In this case, Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse cinema copied an abusive voicemail message verbatim and made it into a YouTube video. Bet you won’t complain again, sweetie.

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