Friday Frivolities: Shocker chair, 1-minute time machine, slow-mo goop canon, and more …

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction

Shocker Chair
What the … they actually have one of these in an arcade?! This is just about one of the most redneck things I’ve ever seen.

Jurassic World trailer parody
Hozzah2, a Korean YouTube vlogger has jumped on the Jurassic World bandwagon and produced a hilarious parody of the film’s trailer. Oh, and she has a moustache.

One-minute time machine
Some of the one-liners I’ve seen thrown out a bar by guys should really result in a swift kick between the legs. That could be all avoided with this simple device.

Truth or Drink
So, how comfortable are you with your best friend? Especially when you have to ask them really, really awkward questions?

Homemade goop canon
Slow motion video of various liquid-y foods condiments being shot at a strappy young lad from a pressurised air canon. Not much else needs to be said.