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The good, the bad and the ugly: This week in Kiwi crowdfunding


The simplest ideas are sometimes the best, and they don’t get much simpler than this: the Sushec? reusable takeaway sushi container.

A reusable sushi box that ticks all the eco-friendly boxes, and as much as I’d like to say it’s little more than a glorified Tupperware container, it’s actually quite clever. With collapsible walls, chop stick holders and iPadish styling, not to mention a delightfully Kiwi-flavoured promo video, there’s little not to love.

At the time of writing the campaign has hit $13,149 of a $75,000 goal, with a healthy 27 days still to go.

Support the Sushec? Kickstarter campaign here.


When David St. Hubbins said, in the 1984 rockumentary This is Spinal Tap, that “there’s a fine line between stupid and clever”, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t talking about Kiwi Kickstarter project, Poopins (mildly NSFW link).

Poopins, the biodegradable dog poop markers that help you shame grubby dog owners and their inconsiderate beasts walks the finest of lines between madness and genius.

Creator Stephen McCarthy, pleads his case thusly: “We live three blocks from the beach in Sumner, New Zealand and while walking Charlie, our wee griffon…we encountered 30 fresh, brown, small and large dog turds. So something needed to be done.”

And something was.

At Idealog we’re an office divided about Poopins, with some thinking the tags are a long overdue finger in the face of inconsiderate dog owners, and others thinking that they’re just a great way to end up knuckle-deep in some strange dog’s doo.

Support the Poopins campaign here

The Cat Lounge

Everyone loves coffee and everyone loves cats, so what’s not to love about The Cat Lounge?

The project’s organisers, Mike and Vicky, say they decided to start the Cat Lounge after being frustrated in their efforts to find such an institution in Auckland. Yes, they are both self-confessed “crazy cat people”.

The pair say the building will have modern fit-out and relaxed atmosphere, with half the site “run like a normal café” and the other half of the building “a cat lovers dream!” 

So far the campaign has generated $5,339 of a $35,000 goal from Kiwi feline-friendlies, with a whopping 52 days still to go.

Sound like your thing? Support the Cat Lounge here

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