Friday Frivolities: the “Tackle of the Century”, things you never told dad, and some mad eyebrow game

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction

The “Tackle of the Century”
Well, maybe not all of us are convinced it’s “of the century”, but certainly there was an audible cringe when everyone saw it in the office.

Industrial robot vs Bushido master
You know those robot arms usually in car manufacturing companies? Well, now Japanese company Yaskawa is getting one of its robots a lesson from a Bushido master.

One thing you never told dad
We’ve all kept secrets from our parents, and truthfully, these were pretty tame. Still pretty hilarious though.

How to kung fu bad people
Stop, listen, if no siren, kick. If police coming, you take off!

The epic “eyebrow-off”
Those are some seriously expressive eyebrows. Think you can beat them at their game?