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BMW makes with the cute, partnering with innovative mobility project, GoBabyGo

GoBabyGo is a donation-supported charity which supplies modified, miniature motor vehicles to children whose movement is impaired.

“The vehicle component to the project is an obvious fantastic fit with BMW, as is the fact all vehicles are electric,” says Managing Director of BMW New Zealand, Nina Englert.

“This is a great synergy with our new range of electric BMW i models such as the BMW i3 and i8.”

“And most importantly, these children now have their very own Ultimate Driving Machine which they can use to get to the playground and interact with their siblings and friends.”

Image: Zach, one of the latest recipients of a new BMW from GoBabyGo, prepares to hit the open road

Image: Hunter uses superior horsepower to his advantage

The charity was established in America in 2006 but has just launched in New Zealand.

“BMW New Zealand has contributed financially towards the programme, as well as assisted with the provision of electric vehicles for modification,” said Ms Englert.

“We have supplied eight vehicles as part of the pilot programme and have another 30 scheduled to arrive next week.  The beauty with the vehicles is that they are tough and durable and can be modified to fit new children as older drivers grow out of them.”

GoBabyGo vehicles are age-appropriate devices to children who are not are not independently mobile, encouraging interaction with siblings and friends, delivering therapeutic benefits, and helping children develop spatial awareness and related skills in a way that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. 

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