Friday Frivolities: Wearable banana tech, snow-wakeskating, skeleton skateboarders and more

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

Bananas - the wearable tech must-have

As part of its ninth year of sponsoring the Toyko marathon on February 22, the company created a wearable banana for two runners. The bananas were GPS-powered with a LED display, combining modern fitness tech with a fruity snack. Dole did not disclose how the bananas were worn.

According to Dole, the wearable bananas let the wearers see their run time and heart rate, as well as displaying messages from spectators on Twitter. The fruit even displayed advice on when to chow down on another banana to help the running performance. 

When the race finished, the bananas flashed the words “Eat Me.” Only in Japan.

In years past, Dole has even turned their bananas into trophies.

Introducing the newest of extreme sports: snow-wakeskating

​This sport was invented by Red Bull sponsored pro wakeskater Brian Grubb. Wakeskating is basically wakeboarding without being straped in. To make this even trickier, Grub decided to try transferring from water to snow multiple times within one run.

Grub also took wakeskating to the rice terraces of the Philippines in 2013. That video is also well worth a watch. 

Skateboarding skeleton

This video was created using long exposure, stop motion and a great deal of patience.

First there was American Sniper, now theres Canadian Sniper

Rather than a story about the best sniper in the US armed forces, this ones about a nice Canadian guy that loves his country, and must protect it from a moose attack. Dressed in all denim, drinking the highest quality maple syrup, he takes to the woods, and fulfills his destiny to become a hero.

Octopus vs. Crab

(SPOILER: the crab gets owned)

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